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Unlocking the human genome has triggered breakthroughs in the practice of medicine thought impossible just a short time ago. Applying this deeper knowledge improves our ability to predict, prevent, diagnose, and create personally tailored therapies for every type of disease. NorthShore has a unique opportunity to advance this important movement, not just for our patients today, but for the future of medicine as we know it.


Learn how the experts at NorthShore are making the promise of personalized medicine a reality for our community.

Elliott Etheredge talks about the role personalized medicine played in treating his prostate cancer and managing disease risk for future generations of his family.


Personalized medicine represents the best hope for
transforming healthcare.

  • New capabilities call for radical change in the way we expedite discovery and bring new treatments to our patients.
  • This is why NorthShore is dedicated to building a whole new medical paradigm. We have embarked on an unprecedented mobilization of science and computing power, with an unmatched bank of biodata.
  • Our leading group of physician-researchers, computer scientists, statisticians, programmers and clinicians are dedicated to a rapid and irreversible transformation of medicine as we know it.

You can join this revolution in healthcare by participating in the NorthShore Genomic Health Initiative (GHI). Play a part in reshaping healthcare for today’s patients, and for future generations.

While GHI does not perform clinical genetic testing, if an actionable genetic variant, i.e., those with available treatments or prevention techniques, is found (expected to apply to a small number of individuals) through GHI research, and the patient is interested in knowing about that, GHI will share this information with the patient.

Technology’s gift to science.

  • Having led the nation in implementing electronic medical records more than a decade ago, NorthShore has a significant lead in clinical informatics.
  • Advanced computing power and analytics multiply our capacity to speed new discoveries to our patients. But our key advantage is our incredible database.
  • Innovative analysis of these large data sets allows us to identify new patterns and insights to fuel discovery, with each decision and reaction informing new discovery.

What’s Your Genetic Risk Score?

See how technology is allowing us to interpret vast amounts of genetic data to determine your risk for developing a variety of diseases: Valuable knowledge you and your physicians can use to plan and intervene before symptoms occur.


Breaking through the confines of tradition.

  • We can accomplish amazing things at NorthShore because we are not bound to tradition. We are organized around the realities and resources of today, recognized as one of the most “wired” health systems in the country.
  • Our culture and organizational structure allow our physicians and scientists to put more focus on what they do best.
  • Our organizational chart is simple: Talented people collaborating to make real discoveries in real time.

See how our platform for genomic discovery and innovation can change the course of your life story.

See how personalized medicine at NorthShore successfully transformed Joanne Bertsch’s treatment for breast cancer.


The era of personalized medicine is not “on the horizon.”
It is here.

  • NorthShore has the assets to lead the way in making ours the mainstream standard of care in medicine.
  • At this moment, momentum is on our side. The way we are structured and our lead in clinical database management give us a clear advantage. We have a responsibility to seize this opportunity to advance healthcare for all.
  • As first movers, we have the opportunity to create the model protocol for every major science initiative around the world.

Pharmacogenomics is just one area where personalized medicine is actively applied today. Find out more about pharmacogenomic testing and how it can help you and your family receive more precise and effective medication treatments.

Learn how pharamcogenomics will help to make Debbie Kerr’s future treatment options at NorthShore even more precise, and personal to her.


Philanthropy is the engine driving personalized medicine.
Are you in?

  • We believe personalized medicine will change healthcare forever. It will happen. But if you join us, it can happen sooner.
  • Government funding for this type of research is on the decline as demand for personalized medicine is on the rise. Many of the breakthrough procedures available now are not yet covered by insurance. Private philanthropy is vital to our efforts to expand personalized medicine, and ultimately help more patients feel better, faster.
  • We are leading a movement in which people demand and receive better healthcare now. We have a responsibility to mobilize our unique set of assets, and dedicate our time and talent to this cause.
  • Your philanthropic investment will allow us to head out onto the cutting edge of discovery, and return to humanity the benefits of this game-changing era in the history of medicine.

Learn how patient Joe Flanagan worked with the NorthShore Center for personalized medicine to proactively manage a propensity for cardiovascular disease in his family.

Knowing the genetic variant that causes a patient’s diabetes can help NorthShore physicians design a personalized treatment plan for better clinical outcomes and quality of life.