Personalized medicine represents the best hope for
transforming healthcare.

  • New capabilities call for radical change in the way we expedite discovery and bring new treatments to our patients.
  • This is why NorthShore is dedicated to building a whole new medical paradigm. We have embarked on an unprecedented mobilization of science and computing power, with an unmatched bank of biodata.
  • Our leading group of physician-researchers, computer scientists, statisticians, programmers and clinicians are dedicated to a rapid and irreversible transformation of medicine as we know it.

You can join this revolution in healthcare by participating in the NorthShore Genomic Health Initiative (GHI). Play a part in reshaping healthcare for today’s patients, and for future generations.

While GHI does not perform clinical genetic testing, if an actionable genetic variant, i.e., those with available treatments or prevention techniques, is found (expected to apply to a small number of individuals) through GHI research, and the patient is interested in knowing about that, GHI will share this information with the patient.