Philanthropy is the engine driving personalized medicine.
Are you in?

  • We believe personalized medicine will change healthcare forever. It will happen. But if you join us, it can happen sooner.
  • Government funding for this type of research is on the decline as demand for personalized medicine is on the rise. Many of the breakthrough procedures available now are not yet covered by insurance. Private philanthropy is vital to our efforts to expand personalized medicine, and ultimately help more patients feel better, faster.
  • We are leading a movement in which people demand and receive better healthcare now. We have a responsibility to mobilize our unique set of assets, and dedicate our time and talent to this cause.
  • Your philanthropic investment will allow us to head out onto the cutting edge of discovery, and return to humanity the benefits of this game-changing era in the history of medicine.

Learn how patient Joe Flanagan worked with the NorthShore Center for personalized medicine to proactively manage a propensity for cardiovascular disease in his family.

Knowing the genetic variant that causes a patient’s diabetes can help NorthShore physicians design a personalized treatment plan for better clinical outcomes and quality of life.